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Species and Culture Types of the Genus Echinodorus


For a long while the revision from Karel Rataj published in 1975 as well as some later descriptions of new species were the only scientific publications of the genus Echinodorus. In 1994 the New York Botanical Garden published a revision of the genus Echinodorus (a monography on the neotropical Alismataceae) by Robert R. Haynes and Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen. They considered only 26 species, whereas K. Rataj recognized 47 species. Both revisions were criticized shortly after her publication. Then in 2004 Heiko Bleher published a new revision and Rataj was the author again. He restored most of the species, Haynes & Holm-Nielsen had made invalid and described some new taxons.

The first revision of Rataj was criticised, because he oftend described taxons from cultivated material not knowing where the plants have their origin and made often new species whereas the differences were minimal. Haynes and Holm-Nielsen were criticized because of examining only dried material and ignoring the variations in morphology. the latest revision must be criticised, because there are the same mistakes as in his first revision. Hence it will be a question of the time when a new revision has to be published. At the moment a young scientist at the University of Turku (Finland) try to find out the mistakes by examining the DNA. But it will take some years until a result will be published.

Here I will use the names of the latest revision from Rataj, because a lot of them are well established in aquarium keeper circles.

The following list is using the scientific names only. The first name give refers to the genus, here Echinodorus, whereas the second name (with small letters) is the species name. To avoid confusion I added the name of the discriber and the year of its discription. A name given in brackets is referring to the name of an earlier discriber who had ordered the species with another name (mostly another genus). For example the species Echinodorus tenellus (Martius) Buchenau (1868) was described by Martius in 1830 as Alisma tenellum and Buchenau changed it to the genus Echinodorus in 1868.

The first list contains the naturally occuring species. The second one lists the cultivars. If you click to the name you are finding special pages about the species.


Naturally occuring species:

Sientific name:                                                                  Common name:

Echinodorus amazonicus Rataj (1970)                            Amazon Sword Plant

Echinodorus angustifolius Rataj (1975)

Echinodorus aschersonianus Graebner (1911)

Echinodorus berteroi (Sprengel) Fasset (1955)

Echinodorus bleherae Rataj (1970)

Echinodorus bolivianus (Rusby) Holm-Nielssen (1979)

Echinodorus bracteatus Micheli (1881)

Echinodorus cordifolius (Linné) Grisebach (1857)

Echinodorus decumbens Kasselmann (2000)

Echinodorus eglandulosus Holm-Nielsen & Haynes (1985)

Echinodorus floridanus Haynes & Burkhalter (1998)

Echinodorus gabrieli Rataj (1990)

Echinodorus glandulosus Rataj (1969)

Echinodorus glaucus Rataj (1975)

Echinodorus grandiflorus (Chamisso & Schlechtendal) Micheli  (1881)

Echinodorus grisebachii Small (1909)

Echinodorus horizontalis Rataj (1969)

Echinodorus lanceolatus Rataj (1968)

Echinodorus longipetalus Micheli (1881)

Echinodorus longiscapus Arechevaleta (1903)

Echinodorus macrophyllus (Kunth) Micheli (1881)

Echinodorus martii Micheli (1881)

Echinodorus nymphaeifolius (Grisebach) Buchenau (1882)

Echinodorus opacus Rataj (1970)

Echinodorus osiris Rataj (1970)

Echinodorus palaefolius (Nees & Martius) MacBride (1931)

Echinodorus paniculatus Micheli (1881)

Echinodorus parviflorus Rataj (1970)

Echinodorus portoalegrensis Rataj (1970)

Echinodorus pubescens (Martius) Seubert ex Warming (1873)

Echinodorus quadricostatus Fasset  (1955)

Echinodorus reticulatus Haynes & Holm-Nielsen (1986)

Echinodorus schlueteri Rataj (1981)

Echinodorus subalatus (Martius) Grisebach (1866)

Echinodorus tenellus (Martius) Buchenau (1868)

Echinodorus teretoscapus Haynes & Holm-Nielsen (1981)

Echinodorus trialatus Fasset (1955)

Echinodorus tunicatus Small (1909) New!

Echinodorus uruguayensis Arechavaleta (1903)

Echinodorus virgatus (Hooker& Arnott) Micheli (1881)




Echinodorus 'Apart'

Echinodorus x  barthii

Echinodorus cordifolius 'Marble Queen'

Echinodorus 'Dschungelstar Nr. 1'

Echinodorus 'Dschungelstar Nr. 3'

Echinodorus 'Dschungelstar Nr 16'

Echinodorus 'Kleiner Bär'

Echinodorus 'Indian Red'

Echinodorus 'Oriental'

Echinodorus 'Ozelot'

Echinodorus parviflorus 'Tropica'

Echinodorus 'Rainers Kitty'

Echinodorus 'Regine  Hildebrand'

Echinodorus 'Rosé'

Echinodorus 'Rubin'

Echinodorus schlueteri 'Leopard'

Echinodorus 'Tanzende Feuerfeder'


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