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Here you will find informations about waterplants belonging to the genus Echinodorus. The task of this site is to inform the visitor about the species, culture (including handling and fertilization) and propagation of Echinodorus plants, as most of the species are more or less good suited for aquarium culture.The author

The author of this site is living in Mainhardt, a small village about 30 miles north of Stuttgart (southern part of Germany). He has been tropical fish hobbyist since 40 years. Of course he is member of the local aquarium club and the "Arbeitskreis Wasserpflanzen" (working group waterplants), who is publishing the magazine “AQUA PLANTA”. Some of the articles in there are also written by the author of this site.

Contents of these web-pages:


A new revision of the genus Echinodorus was published in April 2004. More informations you can find here:


Genus: is giving general information about Echinodorus, such like family relationships, history etc., concerning all Echinodorus plants.

Species: is listing the actual known species and most of the cultivars of the genus Echinodorus. The list of the cultivars can't be complete, because new ones are appearing nearly every month. Species and cultivars, personally known and already cultivated by the author are linked to a discription in separate pages.

New: Echinodorus tunicatus

Culture: is giving information about environmental conditions for a successful culture as well as solutions to technical problems. Fertilization and soil are discussed in detail.

Propagation: is discribing methods to increase the population of your Echinodorus. All methods can be performed by hobbyists.

Links: is listing other sites concerning water plants.

Literature: is listing journals, magazines and books concerning water plants.

"e-Mail": If you want to contact the author you can send him an e-Mail.

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